Ferrari vs Lamborghini, which one wins?

For some their dream car is a nice Ferrari, but for many other their dream car is actually a Lamborghini. These two supercars have rivalled each other for many years and still do to this date, especially when it comes to racing. So where did this all start?

Both cars arrived in the 1900s and symbolise wealth, quickness and exoticness. From this alone we can see why they began to rival each other. Both Ferrari and Lamborghini have always been at the top of the leader board when it comes to luxury cars, due to the impressive way they are built. The creator of the Lamborghini once directly criticised the Ferrari right to the creators face. Ever since this, the rivalry sparked and fueled great competitiveness in building fast, beautiful cars.

In order to compete with Ferrari, Lamborghini’s were sold at a loss initially in order to get the upper hand. Profits were slow until they sped up in the 1970s. From here Lamborghini’s easily took over Ferrari as the leading supercar in the entire world, and still stand in this position today. Not a day goes by where a Lamborghini isn’t seen somewhere with a celebrity or famous person on television.

Italians are the best at creating sports cars so it’s no wonder that both cars are incredible. Ferrari’s can be just as expensive as Lamborghini, but often fail to compete in terms of elegance and appearance. The general consensus is that Ferrari’s are the safer and more comfortable drive, where Lamborghini’s are built more for speed and elegance.

Once obvious difference is the way the doors open on these two car brands. The Ferrari door opens like a normal door, whereas the Lamborghini door opens towards the sky. This novel idea sets the two cars apart when it comes to style. There seems to be more Ferrari’s on the street, however the fact that Lamborghini’s are rarely seen adds to the novelty when one finally shows up.

For the reasons stated, we choose Lamborghini as the superior car. Opinions may differ, as car preference is dependant upon what you’re individually seeking in an exotic car. However, the overall popular opinion puts Lamborghini as the greatest supercar around in modern times.